How does Carbonhound estimate office energy usage?

Many offices have their utilities included in their rent or don’t have separately metered bills. Where we don’t have exact data, carbonhound has built a methodology to help estimate this energy usage from your office. Our methodology will shift and improve as we get more data, which is why it is always much better to […]

What is CO2e (Carbon Dioxide Equivalent)?

There are more than 30 different greenhouse gases and so in order to create a common language to understand the impact that these gases have we convert them into the most common greenhouse gas; Carbon Dioxide. Except that it isn’t carbon dioxide at all! So we use Carbon Dioxide equivalent to show that a conversion […]

What does “Scope 1, 2 & 3” mean?

Scope is a term that was created to help companies and stakeholders differentiate between emissions that they control vs the ones they do not have direct control over. Scope 1: Direct emissions These are emissions from sources that you own or control, like a furnace in the basement of your office building, or business travel […]