Protect and grow your shelf space

Simplified, accessible, and credible emissions data to protect and grow your largest clients like Costco and Walmart

Helping you meet leading standards in the food & beverage industry

Most major retailers have set net-zero targets. Climate data requests are in the mail.

Meet their expectations with confidence: our methodology is validated by a third-party against ISO-14064 and GHG Protocol

Case Study

Get ahead of customer requests and start winning new accounts

“We really believe the start of any improvement process is establishing a base line and Carbonhound provided us with an easy and efficient tool to support this process.”

-Steve Owen, Business Development Executive

Make sustainability a differentiator

Stand out amongst your competitors to win shelf space

  • Build a strong climate story and strategy
  • Save thousands on consulting fees
  • Repurpose your data for future reporting requests and new customers

No in-house climate expertise? No problem.

Get expert advice for a fraction of the price – starting at just $50/month

ISO certified verifications

As seen in

As seen in

Data Imports

Data Concierge

Ease all of your onboarding pains, Carbonhound connect automatically imports all your data directly from your providers – from electricity and water to vendors and supplier invoices.
  • Import utility data directly from 98% of providers in North America 
  • Integrate your supply chain 
  • Eliminate data entry errors  
  • Save hours on data entry
  • Keep your footprint up to date to track progress towards your goals


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Carbonhound is a carbon management software platform for all businesses to measure, reduce, verify, and market their carbon emissions. Learn about what makes us different.

Carbonhound is the solution for businesses of all sizes and in any industry. Our platform is user-friendly, and can be used by anyone on your team regardless of their climate expertise.

A carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization. Learn more about how greenhouse gas emissions are categorized.

The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol establishes comprehensive global standardized frameworks to measure and manage GHG emissions from private and public sector operations, value chains and mitigation actions.