Pricing is based on the size of your company and how you use our solution.

We believe in making our core features accessible to all businesses.

Platform Fees

1-19 employees


Billed annually

20-99 employees​


Billed annually

100-249 employees


Billed annually

250-499 employees


Billed annually

Bulk pricing is available for enterprise-sized businesses.

We believe in a comprehensive solution that uses and outputs the highest integrity data at an accessible price. 

Over 500 Employees

Additional Services

Platform Set-Up

Configuration Concierge


base fee + $100 per location*

One-time fee

*Full Scope 3 inventory configuration pricing available upon request

Data Management

Data Concierge


per credit

Billed annually

Product LCAs

Life Cycle Assessments

per product

One-time fee

Stories from our customers

Carbonhound Features

Available on all plans


Scope 1, 2 & 3 Reporting

Our system is flexible enough for you to measure all your emissions

Unlimited Locations, facilities and users

Ensure cost certainty and get everyone involved

Historical Data Import

We import all your historical utility data directly from your provider

$75 per meter / year

Emission Factor Database

A comprehensive source of emission factors for all your measurement needs.

Custom Emission Factors

Import and manage your own emission factors for your unique measurement needs

Custom Sources

Measure your unique carbon emission sources

Unlimited Data Imports

Bulk import emission data from previous footprints and other databases

Carbon Consultant Network

Get the support you need from our carbon experts


Unlimited Initiatives

Templated reduction plans from world class experts that make it easy for you to begin to reduce your emissions

Target Setting

Set ambitious targets that are compliant with reporting standards

Carbon Offset Consultations

A free consultation to decide which offset strategy makes the most sense for your footprint

Carbon Offset Portfolios

We offer removals from only, high quality credit portfolios that fit your budget

Imported Carbon Offsets

We can import your current carbon offsets into our platform


Carbon explorer

Our data visualizer makes it easy to show stakeholders how you are progressing against your targets


Earn achievements for climate positive action to put on your website and marketing materials

Report Generation

Export your Carbonhound Data for presentations and analysis

Third Party Verification

We partner with Brightspot Climate to make ISO verifications accessible to you

Expert support

Monthly touchpoints

Answer your questions about technical measurement processes and review your progress

Reduction support

We help you set ambitious reduction targets based on your inventory and identify high potential reduction opportunities

All the extras

Priority Support

Our team aims to assess and solve your high priority problems as soon as possible.

Sub Accounts

Manage your clients' data for them with Sub accounts.

PDF Climate Report

Generate and publish a custom annual climate report,

Questions & Answers

If you can’t find what you are looking for contact our team!

Climate action doesn’t happen overnight so we do require businesses to commit to 1 year to make a climate impact. However, if upfront billing is a challenge please contact our sales team and we can space out the payment schedule to meet your cashflow needs.

Yes! Your subscription can easily be accessed through your My Company page, so you can cancel the renewal of your annual plan at any time.

We make sure you get help as fast as we can, and prioritize your high impact problems first. 

Through Stripe we can accept  credit cards and direct debits. If you need another billing type then please let our sales team know. 

We price our plans in USD, but we accept CAD as well. Contact our sales team to get a quote.

Yes, you can try out Carbonhound before you commit to making a purchase with our 14 day free trial. 

We perform audits monthly to make sure you are adequately supported and your subscription fits your team size. If you ever have to upgrade or change your subscription you can manage it from the My Company page. 

Your Carbonhound subscription, annual or monthly, will automatically renew until you cancel it. You can cancel your subscription by going to “My Company” in the right hand menu on a desktop computer, then selecting “Stripe Dashboard” from there you can select “Cancel”.  After you cancel, you’ll still have access to all the paid features until the end of your billing cycle.

Stripe is a payment processor that we partner with to ensure all payments are as secure as possible.