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Kate Bate

Kate Bate
Founder & COO, Tendril

Join the 100+ companies already using Carbonhound to meet international standards

"Carbonhound is an easy to use, intuitive, carbon accounting and sustainability impact measuring tool. Our members find ease in calculating and navigating their impacts, which is important for us in our program offerings!"

Rebecca Garlick

Impact Network Program Manager

Automate up to 100% of your CDP submission 

Responding Supplier Request

Save $20,000+ and automate 100% of your response. 

The Carbonhound benefit:

  • Save your company $20,000+ in consulting costs 
  • Reduce your time from 5 months to 3 weeks
  • Seamlessly integrate sustainability into your supplier contracts 
  • Repurpose your data for future reporting requests 

Full CDP Report

Save $50,000+ and complete your report 50% faster. 

The Carbonhound benefit:

  • Save your company $50,000+ in consultant cost 
  • Reduce your timeline to report by 50%
  • Improve your CDP score with recommended actions
  • Work with experienced CDP experts 
  • A flexible data set that fits any reporting standards

What makes Carbonhound different 



We integrate with 1000’s of data providers in order to automate your data collection.



Our platform does all the heavy lifting so it is 50% less expensive than manual consultant led alternatives. 



Leverage our Climate Team of ex-consultants to validate your report and submit with confidence. 

What is the Carbon Disclosure Project?

The CDP is a non-profit organization that developed a scoring methodology to incentivize companies to measure and manage their environmental impact.
Every year companies participate in the CDP's climate change, forests, and water security questionnaires to be scored and compared against their competitors.

What is included in a CDP submission? 

Climate Change

The climate change questionnaire covers topics including governance, risks and opportunities, business strategy, targets and performance, emissions, energy, and verification.


The forests questionnaire covers topics including current state biodiversity, forest management procedures, risks and opportunities, governance, strategy, implementation, verification and barriers.

Water Security

The water security questionnaire covers topics including current state water security, business impacts, procedures, risks and opportunities, facility-level accounting, governance and strategy.

Common CDP Questions

All companies can submit to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). In fact, over 64% of the world’s public companies by market capitalization submit. You should submit if you are looking to improve your climate credentials and see where you compare to others in your industry.

CDP submission times depend on the type of submission. Full submissions can take up to 5-9 months normally, but with Carbonhound we can reduce this by over 50% 

Carbonhound helps automate the time-intensive quantitative elements of the CDP questions. 

CDP has three corporate questionnaires; climate change, forests and water security.

You may be requested to respond to all, or a combination, of these. The questionnaires provide a framework for companies to provide environmental information to their stakeholders covering governance and policy, risks and opportunity management, environmental targets and strategy, and scenario analysis.