Carbonhound & Manifest Climate partner to help businesses meet climate impact and risk reporting standards

Manifest Climate x Carbonhound

This partnership helps businesses of all sizes identify and respond to regulatory reporting requirements surrounding climate impact and risks. 

Manifest Climate is a leading AI-driven climate risk management platform that provides sustainability and management teams with climate-related insights, analytics and recommendations to accelerate their climate strategies, identify key gaps and opportunities, and disclose according to global standards and frameworks.

Carbonhound automates high credibility climate reporting by integrating with thousands of primary data sources to unlock revenue opportunities and operational savings for our clients as regulatory and stakeholder expectations change. The platform simplifies carbon management to make it easy and affordable for businesses to take climate action.

Through this partnership, Carbonhound and Manifest Climate cover both the quantitative and the qualitative aspects of climate reporting for regulated and voluntary organizations that can:

  • Automate Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions measurement by connecting with thousands of data sources, and increase their data quality score.
  • Use AI to assess their alignment to climate disclosures and management across multiple standards and frameworks.
  • Benchmark their carbon footprint as well as their disclosures against peers and industry leaders.
  • Identify gaps and opportunities in disclosures and climate impact, and take data-driven climate action.

Carbonhound and Manifest Climate share a vision to increase accessibility to climate insights & action, and to leverage AI to help organizations navigate a dynamic landscape of climate reporting standards. Engaging with these technologies unlocks the ability to free up time & resources so leadership and sustainability teams can work on the reduction initiatives that matter.

Together, Carbonhound and Manifest Climate can provide businesses in any industry with the tools and confidence they need to meet upcoming regulatory reporting requirements as well as stakeholder & customer requests for their climate data.

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