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OSFI B-15 Climate Risk Management: Building Capacity to Meet New Regulations While Managing Costs

Download the white paper co-authored by EY and Carbonhound to better understand the B-15 Guideline and an optimized approach to meeting regulations.

Companies trust Carbonhound to manage and report on their climate data, including financed emissions.

"Collecting and organizing the right data for our greenhouse gas emissions reporting is a tedious process that takes valuable time away from the important sustainability work at hand. With Carbonhound, we are able to automate the data management and feel confident in our reports."

Steve Baker, Director of Facilities

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Set yourself up to report against OSFI’s B-15 guidance

The data produced by Carbonhound is the foundation of most of the B-15 guidance. We’ll help you start with estimates and move towards real data to improve your PCAF Data Quality Score in the future.

Metrics and Targets

Carbonhound also covers financed emissions, which are aligned to PCAF Standards



Risk Management

Your climate data, aligned to ISSB and PCAF standards​

Our methodology is validated by a third-party against ISO-14064 and GHG Protocol

ISO certified verifications

Approved by the CLA

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What are the OSFI B-15 Guidelines?

OSFI B-15 sets the expectation for how regulated financial institutions should measure and manage climate-related risks.

Depending on the size of the institution, the reporting timelines require submissions to OSFI at fiscal year-end 2024 or 2025. This transition period provides them the time needed to prepare and ensure compliance.

The guideline outlines how to address physical and transition risks both qualitatively (strategies, governance, etc.) and quantitatively (monitoring and reporting, including greenhouse gas emissions). 


Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) regulates and supervises more than 400 federally regulated financial institutions (FRFIs). The B-15 guideline applies to FRFIs except foreign bank branches.

The time it takes to prepare for B-15 varies greatly depending on what data you are already measuring and reporting. Full submissions can take up to 5-9 months normally, but with Carbonhound we can reduce this by over 50% by automating your climate data ingestion and management.

Carbonhound helps automate the time-intensive carbon emission elements of the B-15 guideline. Our partners also support and automate the qualitative elements of the guideline, making us a one-stop-shop for B-15 compliance.

How Carbonhound increases
the capacity of your team


PCAF Alignment

Use our PCAF-aligned models & data, and don’t worry: we update the models for you as
PCAF guidance evolves


Value for Money

Our platform does all the heavy lifting so it is 50% less expensive than manual consultant led alternatives or hiring someone internally.


Financed Emissions

Work with our climate experts to calculate financed emissions and upgrade your data quality score.

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