Delmar Foods measure Scope 1 and 2 emissions to take climate action and get ahead of requests from customers and regulations

"We really believe the start of any improvement process is establishing a base line and Carbonhound provided us with an easy and efficient tool to support this process."

Delmar Foods is a leader in creating top-quality sauces, spreads, dips & dressings and mayonnaise. They are based in Ontario and are a co-packing partner for the food service and retail industry throughout  Canada and the USA. Some of their capabilities include manufacturing, warehousing, formulating custom recipes & designing labels.

Why complete a greenhouse gas emission report?

Delmar Foods was interested in measuring their emissions to prepare for customer requests and regulations that will come their way as expectations and pressure to meet net-zero targets increases, especially for their larger customers. Although they are part of a larger parent company , Delmar Foods’ initiative to track their own carbon emissions shows their leadership in and commitment to sustainability.

Knowing that customer and regulatory requests are on their way, along with strong internal commitments to sustainability, Delmar found an easy to use solution to credibly measure their greenhouse gas emissions.

Why Carbonhound?

Delmar Foods has one location and well organized operational data, and want to make the most of the resources they have internally. Using a spreadsheet would take significant time away from their team’s ability to develop a sustainability strategy, work on reduction initiatives, or other priorities. To alleviate the time consuming administrative burden of collecting all of that data from internal stakeholders and doing their own manual calculations, they needed a solution that was truly automated and reliable which led them to work with Carbonhound.

How does Delmar Foods use Carbonhound to reach their sustainability goals?

Since climate and greenhouse gas emissions reporting is voluntary for Delmar Foods, they measure their Scope 1 and 2 emissions data to understand their starting point. As their sustainability journey develops and requests for Scope 3 data come in, they can easily expand into Scope 3 with Carbonhound as well.

Carbonhound’s efficient, automated data ingestion and quick onboarding process meant that they could go from not measuring their emissions to a carbon footprint including Scope 1 and 2 emissions aligned to the GHG Protocol in just one week!

Now, the team can generate credible data for reports, internal goal-setting, and marketing.

Efficient onboarding and a platform that will grow with their business allow Delmar Foods to feel confident in their emissions data and positioning as a sustainability leader amongst their peers.

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