Unwrapit uses product-specific emissions data to show how they are a more sustainable corporate gift giving option

"When we say we represent a more sustainable approach to corporate and event gifting, we are serious. Thanks to Carbonhound’s platform-based approach to measuring and benchmarking emissions, we now have the data to prove it."

Unwrapit offers a more sustainable corporate and event gifting option for businesses, events, campaigns, and groups. They believe that giving gifts and making a positive impact can be one and the same, and that receiving corporate gifts doesn’t have to feel corporate at all. Rather than branded water bottles or gift baskets that go to waste and are tedious to organize, Unwrapit offers a customizable gift-giving platform that offers recipients curated options like charitable donations, food & beverage experiences, wellness engagements, and beyond!

Why complete a greenhouse gas emission report?

While their digital-first approach to gifting is intuitively more sustainable than shipping physical gifts – especially at the corporate and event scale – Unwrapit wanted to quantify just how much of an impact their company has on avoiding greenhouse gas emissions when compared to physical gifts.

By measuring the difference in emissions, they would be able to say exactly how much better their solution is for the climate – with confidence. In addition, by measuring their own carbon footprint, Unwrapit is able to tell customers the total emissions they’ve avoided by choosing Unwrapit as their sustainable gifting option rather than traditional options.

Unwrapit is also already a member of 1% for the Planet as well as a certified B Corp, so measuring their emissions was a necessary step in their overall sustainability journey and commitment to being a leader in taking climate action.

Strong internal commitments to sustainability and the opportunity to showcase the tangible climate benefit their solution has vs. their competitors drove Unwrapit to measure their greenhouse gas emissions with a product-based approach.

Why Carbonhound?

Unwrapit needed both their overall emissions as a company to support their B Corp status as well as a focus on their different gifting product options so they could compare themselves to their competitors.

Carbonhound’s product categories feature allows Unwrapit to compare their products’ carbon footprints against other traditional corporate gift methods like swag boxes. As a small, independent company, Unwrapit also didn’t have the in-house capacity or climate-specific expertise to measure their emissions internally. There also certainly wasn’t value in paying steep consultant fees to run individual analyses and reports on each of their product categories. Leveraging software and the versatile reporting capabilities of Carbonhound helps them tell their sustainability story in a clear, credible, and accessible way.

How does Unwrapit use Carbonhound to reach their sustainability goals?

After understanding Unwrapit’s day-to-day operations and their baseline greenhouse gas emissions, the Climate Team worked with Unwrapit to group their flexible gift gifting options into ten major categories while understanding the emissions associated with six traditional gift options such as swag boxes and apparel. 

The majority of Unwrapit’s emissions come from what individuals do with the gifts they’ve selected. Oftentimes, organizations ignore or avoid recognizing the downstream impacts of their business, however it’s important to recognize and quantify these impacts.

After Unwrapit quantified their emissions from when they first started in 2021, they took their reporting to the next level by tagging their gifts to customers and campaigns and seeing the emissions impact on a campaign-by-campaign or customer-by-customer basis.

Then, through tagging the gifts, Carbonhound was able to benchmark those numbers to comparable corporate giving alternatives (like t-shirts, thermoses, or gift or swag boxes), which helped Unwrapit quantify just how much more sustainable their solution is on a greenhouse gas emissions basis. Using this information, the Unwrapit team can prepare reports and clearly communicate with their customers just how many emissions were avoided by using their solution.

Now, the team can generate clear and compelling data for marketing content, customer and stakeholder communications, and internal goal setting to further reduce their impact.

Flexible reporting options to show Unwrapit’s climate data by campaign and also by product category allows them to truly differentiate themselves compared to traditional alternatives and competitors.

What did Unwrapit's climate data show?

One of Unwrapit’s selections includes a tree being planted per USD. With a $25 USD gift card, 25 trees will be planted and will assist in the removal of carbon in our atmosphere. Since Unwrapit’s inception, this option has been selected so frequently that it’s brought Unwrapit to offset its own operational carbon footprint and more.

In addition, compared to traditional corporate gift-giving options, Unwrapit has been helping companies avoid anywhere between 108 to 278 tonnes of CO2e since starting their company.

The Unwrapit team has been able to accomplish so much in a short amount of time. By incorporating sustainability into their value proposition, they’ve been able to drive significant business value while also making a positive impact on the world!

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