Protect and grow your largest clients

Automate your climate supplier reporting to respond to your largest clients with confidence and win more points on RFPs.


Climate reporting regulations are here and climate data requests are in the mail. 

Automated customer reporting

Connect directly with thousands of sources for verifiable, real, complete emissions data that you can share with confidence.

Scope 3 Simplified

Get support to identify important scope 3 categories and measure them without paying hefty consultant fees or navigating confusing climate jargon.

Improve RFP win rates

Leverage your climate impact data to access new opportunities and differentiate your brand to win business with regulated and net-zero committed organisations

Case Study: Tendril Studio & Forever Co.

No in-house climate expertise? No problem.

“Our largest client announced that they would require all of their suppliers to disclose to the CDP – if we didn’t make a change, our business was at risk. We needed a climate solution ASAP. With Carbonhound’s efficient data automations and comprehensive onboarding support, we went from not tracking our footprint to ready to submit our disclosure in just three weeks.”

-Kate Bate, Co-Founder & COO

Stop worrying. Start winning.

For Supply Chain Businesses

Respond to customer requests to protect your biggest accounts

Don’t get caught flat-footed and win more deals.

Carbonhound benefits:

  • Win more points on RFPs and differentiate from competitors
  • Save thousands in consulting costs 
  • No in-house climate expertise needed
  • Repurpose your data for future reporting requests 

For Regulated Businesses

Engage your supply chain to comply with regulations

Save $20,000+ and automate your scope three data.

The Carbonhound benefits:

  • Get complete comparable data from your suppliers
  • Seamlessly integrate sustainability into your supplier contracts 
  • Feel confident with third-party verified calculations and methodologies

Report-ready data, automated

Expert advice for a fraction of the price – starting at just $50/month

Why high-integrity businesses use Carbonhound

Get credible climate data

Through partnership with SWR and commitments to certifications like B Corp, YNCU needed high-quality and up to date climate data.

Save time and resources

Highline Beta was able to quantify and accurately report on their carbon footprint to respond to investor asks within one week.

Focus on reduction

By automating their climate data, Schupan’s sustainability team can spend time working on reduction initiatives and taking action.