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Carbonhound Features

Take control of your emissions

Onboard your company, start managing your footprint, and set reduction goals in no time at all.

Data Management

Spend less time entering your data and more time reducing your impact

Data Imports

Carbonhound Connect


Ease all of your onboarding pains, Carbonhound connect automatically imports all your utility data directly from your provider. 
  • Import Utility data directly from 98% of providers in North America 
  • Eliminate data entry errors  
  • Save hours on data entry
  • Keep your footprint up to date to track progress towards your goals

Data Imports

Enter data with ease

  • Bulk import or use our integrations to easily import your data
  • Sync your utility bills with Carbonhound 
  • Save hundreds of man hours on data entry

Data Alerts

Identify gaps in your footprint

  • Collaborate across your team to keep your footprint up to date 
  • Have confidence your data is accurate and complete 
  • Never miss a reporting deadline 

Reduce & Neutralize Your Impact

Do your part to fight the climate crisis

Carbon Credits

Neutralize your net impact

  • Invest in a carbon credit portfolio that matches your climate impact ambition
  • All our credits are vetted against SBTI and Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting
  • Take additional action on climate change


Reduce your impact


  • Non-technical reduction strategies that  reduce your emissions step by step 
  • Actions that allow you to effortlessly collaborate with your team on your reduction projects
  • Initiative templates co-created with industry leaders 

Carbonhound Consultant Network

Climate expertise for your budget

  • Match with consultants with industry experience 
  • Get advice you need when you need it
  • Address your business’s unique challenges 

Marketing & Verification

Build credibility and get rewarded for your climate investment


Meet international standards

  • Build credibility with a third party verified footprint
  • Options for every budget
  • Verify through a third party that uses guidance from ISO 14064-3
  • Differentiate by using a science backed approach to your net zero claims 

Relied on across multiple sectors

We support decarbonization efforts at multiple levels from startups to international companies. 

Take your first step to a low carbon future

Ditch the spreadsheets, get started with Carbonhound for free.