Tendril Studio and Forever Co. prepared a response to their customer’s CDP reporting request in just three weeks

Our largest client announced that they would require all of their suppliers to disclose to the CDP - if we didn't make a change, our business was at risk. We needed a climate solution ASAP. With Carbonhound's efficient data automations and comprehensive onboarding support, we went from not tracking our footprint to ready to submit our disclosure in just three weeks.

Tendril Studio and Forever Co. is a global creative studio that uses design, animation, and technology to tell transformational stories for the world’s leading organizations such as Microsoft and ESPN. Their services include strategy and R&D, creative direction, design, production, animation and visual effects, and augmented & virtual reality experiences.

Why complete a greenhouse gas emission report?

Fortune-500 companies have been setting ambitious targets to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. A major part of working towards those goals includes reducing the emissions from their supply chain – i.e. all of the companies that provide services to them, such as design studios like Tendril.

One of those companies is Tendril’s biggest client. They announced that they would require all of their suppliers to submit their greenhouse gas emissions through the CDP* with just a few weeks’ notice and little guidance.

To ensure they kept their client happy and complete the procurement process, Tendril needed a climate management solution that could be implemented quickly and credibly. But this wasn’t enough. Tendril saw this reporting requirement as an opportunity to think about sustainability as a strategy for their entire business and are now leveraging the platform to engage their employees to help create a more sustainably-led culture.

*The CDP runs a global disclosure system for organizations, cities, and investors to manage their environmental impacts.

To meet new climate reporting standards set by a major client, Tendril Studio and Forever Co. needed a greenhouse gas accounting solution that was flexible, easy to use, and quick to set up.

Why Carbonhound?

Due to the timing and scope of the request from their client, Tendril needed quality data. Integrity, efficiency and price were the priorities, and Carbonhound delivered.

With tailored support from ex-climate consultants and automatic data integrations with utility providers, Tendril could trust that they could meet their client’s request.

How does Tendril use Carbonhound to reach their sustainability goals?

With custom reporting options, Carbonhound helps Tendril provide their emissions data in the specific format requested by their client. The user-friendly language and onboarding allow Tendril to translate their operations into greenhouse gas emissions without expertise from within the company, and the reporting dashboard lets them track their progress on a regular basis.
Tendril translated their operations into greenhouse gas emissions – without internal climate expertise – and submitted it in a stakeholder-ready format.

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